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Mon portrait Born in 1961 in Lorraine (France), I live today in Normandy, near the Havre, my name is Lallemand Marc and as well my artist name is Markkus.

My artistic path starts in my childhood by drawing, largely inspired by science fiction and fantasy. Self-taught artist, I started painting in the 90s and I perfected over my achievements, motivated by the continual desire to create and discover new techniques.

The primary medium I use is oil. I also use acrylic for working the base of my paintings to quickly give a general movement to fix the main frame according to my mood of the moment, the feeling that I want to impose and convey.

This new technique became over time a real passion. I began with classic paintings, figurative painting (landscapes, seascapes and still lifes) accessible to a wide audience. Over time my motivation has evolved into a more personal painting, less traditional. What has always fascinated me is the light and the movement of the skin, it brings out the colors and projected shadows. So I came naturally to paint more or less undressed woman subjects by magnifying them into a Gothic universe such that I named the sensual surrealism. From this style stems a variant of paintings showing women warriors, Warlady as I call them. I must admit that for this series, I was fully influenced by the artistic movement emanating from the heroic fantasy, led at the time by the painters Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo. What I really appreciate in the act of painting and the act of creating, translating inspirations by lines, shapes, colors or value, that is also the sense of detail, because I can spend several hours on a small part of a picture to approach me closer to what I want.

I wish now to share my work through personal exhibitions in order to transmit a part of myself, exploring the theme of intimacy on the dream plan to bring out an emotion for the viewer.

On this website you can find my works in different galleries where I propose a pictorial journey.

Thank you for your visit and your interest in my achievements. Words from the artist : Create to live, live to create ...

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Marc Lallemand


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